What We Do

Union Inc. is an agency that specialises in advertising, design and brand identity. Our category experience includes automotive, fast moving consumer goods, government, retail, wine & spirits and property. We work across print media, broadcast media and multimedia channels. Our practice combines the latest consumer thinking with creativity and strategy in order to produce exceptional work for clients.

How We Work

We approach work based on the idea that it can’t happen without process, intelligence, collaboration and commitment. As a consequence our creative development follows a six step process:

  1. Thinking: the development of effective and compelling creative work begins with good research and solid strategy
  2. Relationship: the structure and relationship of design elements, e.g. how text and imagery relate to one another
  3. Clarity: whatever we do, if it’s not understood or fails to communicate then this is a wasted effort
  4. Discipline: the end result is the sum of the details, and attention to details requires discipline
  5. Appropriateness: directs us to the right media, the right materials, the right scale, the right message and expression, colour and texture
  6. Timelessness: good work is above and beyond any style.

Who We Are

Union Inc. started from a desire to change the way traditional agencies work. We wanted to create a place that is interdisciplinary, promotes genuine collaboration and curiosity, and produces great creative work. A place where everyone has a voice and direct input into a client’s business. More people spending more time finding solutions and creating better business outcomes.